Megascans Digest: Abandoned Environment

Megascans Digest: Abandoned Environment

For this week's Megascans Digest, we've chosen a few materials for the abandoned environment. Take a look!

Working on the abandoned environment can be exhausting since you have to work on the whole worn-out look, add rustiness to hard-surface materials, create the volumetric light, and so on. 

If you're looking for a new piece of information about creating the abandoned place, check this epic breakdown by Jonathon Ival on creating an abandoned mansion. In the article, he shared his texturing workflow in Substance Painter

Even though some artists enjoy working on these details, it's quite time-consuming, so we suggest that you take a look at these Megascans materials that we've picked up in Megascans Library. 

Check the whole Abandoned Factory asset collection in Megascans Library here.

1. Rubber Cable Jacket

The rubber cable jacket is a classic material that is used in factories and labs. With the scratches and the red paint peeling off it works best for this kind of environment. Use it as a wall or floor texture, and it will add the needed atmosphere to the place.

These barrels definitely have seen better days. Rust, scratches, and dents make up the used look of them. Use it as a detail for a lab, factory, or even tire fitting. It will work nicely for sure.

Use this chipped rusted metal as a texture for doors or the gates of the garage. Almost completely peeled off paint as if it was damaged by weather conditions and, probably,  by those, who are always into exploring abandoned places sets the creepy mood.

What can be more defining for a dumped place than broken tiles? Especially, with the light blue and beige color, it will create a very realistic look of an abandoned factory, school, hospital, or someone's house.

A shipped container is going to be a nice detail to an empty house that used to be a public place. Greyish color with typical features of abandoned staff works perfectly. 

The key to an abandoned place is the history of it. Having quite common and typical signs such as broken pieces of the interior, peeling off paint, dents on the metal details, and, of course, rust sets the mood to the environment. Check the whole abandoned factory asset for more details and inspiration!

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