3D Artists Talk About Inspiration and Influence

Our featured 3D artists shared what kind of art and its representatives inspire and influence them the most. Check it out!

We asked artists a question about their inspiration and artists that influenced their style the most. The answers include names of representatives from different kinds of art: traditional, contemporary, and, of course, 3D. Some artists take the mentioned art as an inspiration for the mood and atmosphere for the new project, and others look for new techniques and approaches. Check them down below!

Mary Dvorsky

Some of the artists that influence me the most are Daniel Thiger, Javier Perez, Raf Grassetti, Jonathan Benainous, Joshua Lynch, Raphael Jean, and so many more the list goes on and on.  There are so many amazing artists that have already mastered materials so well, and I hope someday I too can feel that I have mastered them in the same way.


Ankur Kaul

I am inspired by Stefan Engdahl's works a lot. His texturing details are awesome, I always try to replicate his details to see where I can get.


Alex Aznar Samperi

The first one may be Bigotrazos, from whom I’ve got the luck to receive anatomy classes, Xabier Urrutia who always astonishes me, also junklaw who is not a 3D artist, but keeps motivating me with his work, and Tim Remmers for stylized stuff.

Also, one artist from a completely different medium is Chojin, he’s a rapper from Spain, and I feed a lot from his work philosophy.

Ali Jalali

I like to look at the old masters of art such as Michelangelo, Bernini, Rembrandt, and try to learn as much as I can from their art. 

For modern artists to name a few, I think these guys have inspired me a lot: Simon Lee, Richard Mcdonald, Samuel Poirier, Gio Nakpil, Aris Kolokontes.

Balazs Domjan

There are many artists out there who shaped the way I was growing as an artist. I looked at many traditional paintings to understand composition and colors, and among them perhaps da Vinci and Bertalan Szekely were the most influential ones. They were absolute masters in my eyes, who were able to create appealing pictures and knew how to guide the eye. 

From contemporary artists, Clinton Crumpler’s work is one of the most inspiring to me. I especially admire how he can turn an otherwise mundane place, such as a laundromat into something else, which is more interesting to look at. 

HJ Park’s ‘A letter’ artwork was also a big one, which I revisited countless times when I was trying to light the room and compose certain areas. 

Lastly, Patrick Zeigler’s work, the ‘Old pharmacy’ has also had a big impact on my scene. It’s fairly similar to my artwork and studied it extensively to understand how it has been built. 

Interviews are taken by Arti Sergeev.

The cover image is the artwork by Patrick Ziegler.

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    3D Artists Talk About Inspiration and Influence