6 Realistic Vehicles from Hum3D

Check out our compilation of high-quality 3D vehicle models available at Hum3D that might be a good addition to your environment. 

For this week's digest, we've picked a few top-grade vehicles from Hum3D. Its collection contains a huge variety of ultra-realistic 3D cars, motorcycles, airplanes, space shuttles and other vehicles as well as other props that can considerably save time and enhance any project, be it a game, cinematics, or an archviz scene.

Here are common technical details of the packs below:

  • All models are based on real vehicles and have the original dimensions
  • Each pack includes smoothed and unsmoothed model files
  • You can change the material however you like as the main parts are separate objects
  • There are several formats available including 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, Keyshot, Blender, and more

This nice, shiny, and old-school Cadillac will add chic to any retro-style scene or a game environment set in Southern Europe or West Coast of the U.S. Just add a bit of wear-and-tear look to it, maybe some water stains and dust, and there you go!

Show us a person who doesn't have a Yamaha with its highly satisfying smooth silhouette imprinted on their mind after days of playing Grand Theft Auto. One does not simply pass by it. Besides a GTA fanart, we can definitely see this badass model in a teenage-dream garage or a scene from motorsport championships. The details and the style will work beneficially for such projects and will bring in a certain mood and a background story. 

This model will come in handy for a busy big city scene, especially in the center of London, or a schoolyard. Just add some text decals or change the color to yellow if it's going to be a school bus, and you're ready to go!

This spectacular giant will suit almost any postapocalyptic or industrial scene perfectly. For both environments, we suggest you add some dirt and scratches, maybe even cracks to make it more believable and grounded in reality.

An essential vehicle for any war zone environment. It seems to have it all - the right color, giant wheels, and the weapon to attack. Don't forget to add some text and number decals and other subtle details that will make the viewer believe it belongs in the military. 

Last but not least and definitely the coolest model in this compilation, a supersonic jet interceptor F-4 Phantom II manufactured by McDonnell Aircraft Corporation. This monster was widely used by the US Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps up until the '90s and could carry over 18000 pounds of missiles and bombs. This model already includes text decals but feel free to customize it and add your own details. And we reckon this plane will look even more awesome in black color.

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    6 Realistic Vehicles from Hum3D