80 Level RFP: New Way to Hire Talent

We’re excited to announce the launch of subscription-based service for companies that are looking for professionals in 3D art industry.

Today, we officially launched 80 Level RFP, a subscription-based service that will help companies find and hire top artists. 

80 Level RFP is a new recruiting platform for connecting studios that are looking for talents and artists, who are ready to start a journey at the new place. The service simplifies the hiring process by creating countless collections of talent for companies to search in. Hiring teams can pick artists they liked and send RFPs to them, asking all the questions they want.

“Companies are always on the hunt for the best creative talent for their next big ad, trailer, movie, game … anything, but there weren’t any services to cater to these needs. So to help the community fill this gap, we developed 80 Level RFP to ease the challenges of finding and hiring rock star artists for any company that wants AAA staffing”, commented Kirill Tokarev, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of 80 Level on the launch.

80 Level RFP is an invite-only service for artists. To get in, they need to register and send their portfolio for review. 

Visit the RFP website to get more information on the service.

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Comments 2

  • Freya

    "but there weren’t any services to cater to these needs"

    *Cough* Artstation *Cough*

    Lower prices too.



    ·a month ago·
  • Hall Josh

    I figured I would apply and see what happens. The response email I got was titled "You're reject invited to join 80 level RFP".

    Damn guys, I know I work in Simulation, but you didn't have to lean into that so hard. Needless to say, I laughed and it's back to Artstation and polycount.  


    Hall Josh

    ·a month ago·

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80 Level RFP Launched