A Fan is Making a Warcraft III Remake in the StarCraft II Engine

Azeroth Reborn features quality of life changes such as faster game speed, better pathing, build time indicators, and more.

Modder Synergy is working on a Warcraft III remake built on StarCraft II's engine called Azeroth Reborn. It features quality of life changes, such as faster game speed, better pathing, build time indicators, the ability to toggle Upkeep on/off, and more. The creator has also added cut voice lines, overhauled the UI, and improved the terrain.

So far, Synergy has finished the 5-mission orc Prologue, which is available in the Campaigns section under Custom for free.

The creator said that all the models and data, such as units, abilities, etc., are already in the SC2 editor, but they had to import things like in-game conversations and CGI cinematics. 

Synergy promised to release the human campaign this year and a campaign every few months after that. For now, you can check out the playthroughs on YouTube:

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