A New MAWI's Pack Looks Amazing!
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by Poussasin
1 hours ago

Thank you so much, now I am confident to say that I know how to bake.

by Poussasin
2 hours ago

Very nice, thx for sharing!

by Tomer Feiner
3 hours ago

So there's still what to hope for from Gaben...

A New MAWI's Pack Looks Amazing!
1 December, 2017

MAWI United has shared a detailed look at a new pack the team is now working on. The pack will feature a beautiful customizable 400 sq. km landscape for UE4 users to quickly generate huge scenes. Tons of parameters, amazing locations and more! 

Just a quick 5 min fly through the almost finished 400 sqkm landscape from inside the UE4 Editor. Random look at some locations on the map.

MAWI United 

You can the production process here

Source: YouTube

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