An Actor Creates Amazing Impressions Using Deepfake AI Technology

Actor and impressionist Jim Meskimen shows convincing results impersonating famous celebrities with the latest deepfake AI technology.

Deepfake is the technology that helps to change the face of any person in existing video footage to the face of someone else as if it was edited afterward. 

Deepfake technology can be used for voice changes, too. That AI trick is getting more and more available to the general public and with the abundance of data we have of famous persons almost any face can be replaced with that of a celebrity.

In the following video by the YouTube user Sham00K you can see the original footage by Jim Meskimen and the result after the video manipulation. 

However, this fascinating technology can be viewed as being two sides of the same coin. The bad sides you already know: creating convincing photos or videos of someone for fraud purposes. There are already such cases in the real world with harmful results to certain people.

On the other side, the good purpose deepfake AI can be used for is in the VFX industry.  It can simplify the process of replacing someone's current face with their younger version, which is quite relevant in the film industry. 

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