Assassin’s Creed Can Help Rebuild Notre-Dame
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Assassin's Creed Can Help Rebuild Notre-Dame
16 April, 2019

A fire on Monday almost destroyed the legendary Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The structure remains intact with its two main towers being safe, but the main spire collapsed, so the city needs to repair the icon.

Here is a statement from French president Emmanuel Macron:

“We will rebuild it. All together,” he tweeted.

One potential source of help is quite surprising and it’s Assassin’s Creed Unity set in Paris.

The thing is that Ubisoft level designer Caroline Miousse spent two years of her life setting up details of the cathedral to create an accurate version of the cathedral, brick by brick.

“I made some other stuff in the game, but 80 percent of my time was spent on the Notre Dame,” she stated back in the days.

The cathedral is the main structure in “Unity with the ability to explore both inside and out. The designer used tons of photos to get the architecture just right, and teamed up with texture artists to make sure that each brick is just perfect.

French representatives didn’t respond to this offer, but the move seems quite logical, right?

There are other resources for restoration, of course. For example, an exact digital replica of the building was captured by a architectural historian, Andrew Tallon, in 2015. You can learn more about the replica here.

P.S. Check out this amazing model of the cathedral from Sketchfab:


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David Croft-Sharland
David Croft-Sharland

I have a feeling this is somehow going to circulate back to me via my mother, leading to a level 0 explanation to why that’s not the case. Cheers in advance.

Guiillaume F
Guiillaume F

Actuallly i have read a French interview of Antoine Vimal du Monteil, Producer at Ubisoft that’s saying otherwise.
And he clearly says that the reproduction is not accurate enough to really help, they have made “artistic” changes (proportions for example) to fit their needs. He believes, as it’s the most visited monument in France that there are way more competent people to help for reconstruction that what they have done to model it.
They are ready to help if they are asked though.


I’m sure they have blueprints too…. and probably scans.

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