Axis – A New Script For 3DS Max
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Axis - A New Script For 3DS Max
30 May, 2018

RapidMXS has revealed a new script for 3DS Max called Axis which lets users transform objects and sub-objects by converting local screen space orientation into world space directions.

First, check out the trailer:


  • Align. Move Farthest is a really fast and cool way of doing proper aligning. Just click and the algorithm will align your Objects/Sub-Objects in-line.
  • Screen Space. You don’t have to watch how and where your camera is looking. Move Farthest always know where is up / down and left / right, by transforming your screen orientations to world space directions.
  • Rotate. You can also Rotate your Objects / Sub-Objects by a specific angle. This feature is also screen space, it doesn’t matter where your viewport camera is looking. It’s always CW or CCW.
  • Octopus. Combine it with Octopus for better user experience.
  • Many Object Support. Many object types are supported, like: object, Editable Poly, Editable Mesh and Editable Spline. Modifiers support later…

You can learn more about the script here


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