Beautiful Game From Naps Team With A Zelda Look
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Beautiful Game From Naps Team With A Zelda Look
22 May, 2019

Naps Team has revealed the debut gameplay trailer for Baldo, their upcoming cel-shaded action adventure game in the works for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

The team didn’t share a lot of details about the game, and we don’t much about its gameplay mechanics, but here are links to its Twitter and Facebook pages for you not to miss updates. The trailer was originally shared by IGN.

Here are some additional screenshots:

Little is known about the upcoming game, but its look, this beautiful cel-shader fantasy image, just makes you want to dive deep into exploring the game’s colorful world right now. Yeah, it instantly reminds you of Zelda, and it’s a good thing. It feels like summer.

You can learn more and find some 3D screenshots from the team here.

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