CGMA’s Upcoming 2020 Spring Term

Registration for CG Master Academy, the leading online arts school, opens for the Spring 2020 term on February 10.

This registration period will be a little bit shorter than registration in the past to accommodate some updates they are making to their platform, making it easier for students to learn and engage more with their peers and instructors. You have until April 18 to register.

The Spring term offers new courses, lessons, instructors, and more ways to pay with their new 4-installment payment option (see below). CGMA has ears to the ground to better help students amp up their portfolios by providing courses that speak to industry demand. Unlike most traditional art schools, they do not encourage you to take courses that don’t speak to your specific needs. Students can take courses that speak to their individual goals under the guidance of the world’s most talented artists from Marvel, Dreamworks, Blizzard, and more.

If you have any questions regarding registration or portfolio review requests, please contact the CGMA Admissions Department at or 1 (800) - 959 – 0316.  

Claim your seat for as low as $175*! Starting this Spring 2020 term, students can take advantage of our new payment system by splitting tuition costs into up to 4 installments. The 4-payment split option is only available for the first week of registration, with payments scheduled to post monthly. After the first week, students can split payments in up to 3 installments starting at $233*.

*Payment increments are dependent on the price of the course.

                                                      NEWEST COURSES

Design Mentorship

w/ Hueala Teodor

In this course, students will learn the theory about design and how to consciously apply that theory until it becomes part of their nature. Everything here has a strong foundation and they will be able to design anything related to an environment as well as their general design practices. Students will learn practices used today in the concept art industry and will gain insight into building a concept art portfolio.

Cloth Creation and Simulation for Real-Time

w/ Laura Gallagher

This practical class is about preparing students to be able to handle complicated cloth creation projects. It covers the full workflow commonly employed in video games from the basics of sketching a garment in Zbrush to recreating it in Marvelous Designer. To this end, a wide range of Marvelous Designer creation techniques will be explored, including a technique referred to as "Virtual Reconstruction" technique, which is based on an approach used by real-life fashion designers. A few Zbrush detailing techniques will also be explored to bring a sense of realism and life to the garments. At the end of the class, students will have all the knowledge necessary to create complicated Marvelous Designer garments to a very high quality.

IP Development for Production

w/ Mark Molnar & Pixoloid Studios

This class is designed to help students create a compelling presentation of their story with visually striking images. Over the course of 10 weeks, students will be guided through the creation of a pitch package so that they can showcase their ability to come up with a suitable design language for a story and carry that across the different aspects of creating a visually cohesive world. While we’ll be covering the principles of character, prop, environment and keyframe design, students will be encouraged to use the work they have created prior to the course and polish an IP they've already started to build. The goal is to create a final presentation of the development of the heroes, villains, the world they live in and the adventures they experience. Throughout the course, students will gain feedback from the art directors and senior artists of Pixoloid studios (currently: Mark Molnar, Gaspar Gombos, David Metzger, Janos Gardos).

Narrative Illustration and Characters

w/ Miguel Iglesias

Illustrators working in entertainment will spend their careers creating compelling imagery for narrative and marketing purposes. The best illustrators in entertainment inject a sense of gravity, mood, and energy, which draws consumers and players into the world the art portrays. This course focuses on the skills essential for good image-making, and also on those skills which elevate an illustration to the next tier of professionalism. We will discuss what makes a lasting, impactful piece of art, cover some of the techniques and tools you can use to maximize your chances of success, and build the habits necessary to conduct ourselves in a professional environment.

                                           UPDATED COURSE CONTENT

Stylized Characters in 3D

w/ Hannah Kang

The main objective of this class is to understand the process of creating a stylized character and to have a finished stylized character at the end of the course. Students will start out by gathering their favorite concepts then laying down a foundation with fundamentals of the form. Students will go from primary forms to secondary forms which really boils down what it takes to make a stylized character. Furthermore, the course will go over the features of the body and face to create that sense of appeal. What students will get out of this class is understanding how to get a stylized character from start to finish.

The Art of Color and Light

w/ Chris Brock

The Art of Color and Light is an exploration of the properties of color and light under a variety of conditions. This is an essential stage in concept art that develops mood and communicates the narrative of the story by means of visual cues.

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