E3: EA’s Press Conference

E3: EA’s Press Conference

Here’s what happened during the first conference of this year’s E3.

Have you missed the first press conference of this year’s E3? Here is our short report on the announcements from EA. Battlefield V, Anthem, Unravel Two, your favorite EA SPORTS games, and more! All the major announcements and trailers in one place. 

What is the best way to kick off EA’s conference? A new glimpse at Battlefield V, of course. The beloved destruction system is back! You can destroy every building, but that’s not all about the most immersive Battlefield title. You will be able to customize soldiers and weapons, no loot boxes, no premium pass… And could the team miss the royale hype train? No. Well, just enjoy the video. 

The team moved on with a trailer of FIFA 19. A beautiful trailer with your favorite players. Hanz Zimmer is responsible for the music here, so it’s really cool. September, 28. No battle royale here, sorry. 

CEO himself joined the part to welcome fan, and talk about cloud gaming world. Play anywhere, anything, Origin Access Premier — you know the deal. Later this Summer. 

The show went on with news for Star Wars fans. Vince Zampella from Respawn mentioned some details on Jedi: Fallen Order. A little is known, but something cool is coming next year. EA has also shared some details on the updates for Battlefront II which will get a revamped progression system and Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Unravel is back! Did you miss this little fella? Of course, you did. Unravel Two developed by Coldwood Studios and published by EA, will bring a co-op mode this time. As beautiful as the previous part, the second one is said to be both more challenging and “friendlier”. The characters are literally bound to each other and overcome the challenges together no matter whether you play alone by switching the controls or walking through with your friend. The core idea is also soul-warming: the game is all about fresh starts and second chances. Enjoy the first glimpse. Do you know the best part? THE GAME IS OUT. RIGHT NOW. The song is ‘Queendom’ by AURORA, by the way. 

Sea of Solitude is next. This beautiful indie game will tell an emotional story about loneliness. Darkness, anger, worthlessness, monsters inside us — the tale has so much to offer. Coming early 2019. 

More sports. Join the squad in NBA Live 19…

…And Madden 19.

EA prepared an epic Anthem conclusion. Gods vanished and left the world in chaos. The anthem is all that remains.

The game will feature a dynamic changing world that will change every time you come back. BioWare is back with a rich story and deep characters that are mixed with complex co-op gameplay system, so we should all be excited.

The team’s creating something new and mysterious for players to discover and explore. You will play as a freelancer who wears an exosuit called Javelin to fight the changing world and its dangers. The game will feature several suits for different situations and gameplay styles (Ranger and Colossus, for example). No loot boxes, but some cosmetic items to purchase. The team wrapped up the conference with a gameplay demo featuring one of the game’s missions. 

02.22.19. Remember the date. 

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