Fallout 4 beats GTA 5 in Steam
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Thanks for sharing and detailed production breakdown

i thought there wouldnt be anything better than akeytsu for creating easy animations. im happy if i am proven wrong.

Fallout 4 beats GTA 5 in Steam
10 November, 2015

Fallout 4 has set a new record of most concurrent Steam users, beating the previous competitor – GTA V. Dota 2 still remains the champion in concurrent users race.


Steam only gives you stats about the PC version of the project, so there’s actually more concurrent Fallout 4 users, if you take into account the console sales. Fallout 4 peaked at 290,461 users. All these users are currently roaming through wasteland and fighting mutants (or building their base). In April the PC version of GTA 5 climbed the top spot in concurrent users rankings with a considerably smaller number of players – 196,700. However GTA V does not necessarily require s Steam code for activation. Fallout 4 on the other hand requires the Steam code for activation.

Fallout 4 is currently the bestseller in Steam, as well as its season pass.

Source: vg247.com

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