Free RAW 3D Scan
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can stop posting this kind of low-quality 'showcase' articles? If I wanna find showcase/reel, I can find them easily on Viemo, cgsociety. Everyone know houdini can be used to do destruction, simulation, etc. there is no need to show another destruction unless posting a helpful 'tutorial'. However, this is not.

Can it produce quads, too?


Free RAW 3D Scan
19 September, 2018

Digital Forms has shared free RAW 3D scan data from one of their projects. The pack can help you set up a nice scene quickly, so grab one for yourself! 

The studio is known for their 2D and 3D content for computer and mobile games as one of their main areas.

The team has already teamed up with companies like Wargaming, Saber Interactive, Group, Glue Mobile, Gaijin Entertainment, Battlestate Games, Nekki Games and others.

The company also owns an up-to-date 3D scanning studio with photogrammetry equipment that helps their members create realistic game models of characters in a short time.

You can learn more and get the pack here

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