GameOn 2016 will be back in Vilnius on October
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NY 11222 US   18, Jun — 21, Jun
Utrecht NL   29, Jun — 30, Jun
Brighton GB   10, Jul — 13, Jul
Brighton GB   10, Jul — 13, Jul
Cambridge GB   13, Jul — 17, Jul
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by Vaidas
45 min ago

Technically, the artist needs to (and does) credit the author of the artwork he referenced and only mention what and where from the character is. Given that, this is a 3d/gaming/technical thingie-ma-jibs website that does not (and probably shouldn't really) reflect on the circumstance of the character itself, but concentrate on creation and techniques used in creation. The name of the character is referenced, but nowhere on the original art the name Sam Riegel is mentioned. As much as critter community is nice and welcoming, this part of "CREDIT THIS OR CREDIT THAT" irritates me. IMHO, Credit is given where credit is due. This 3d model was made with learning purposes only, whereas the original art is being sold. Instead of commenting "GIVE CREDIT" comment "COOL ART OF SAM'S CHARACTER" or "GREAT CRITICAL ROLE ART". All that said, this is an amazing rendition of the original artwork of the character of critical role. As a critter, I love both this piece and the idea of other critter being so talented! Peace, a member of the wonderful critter family.

by Amy
4 hours ago

You need to make it clear that this is an interpretation of someone else’s character and credit them (Sam Reigel, from Critical Role).

by Amy
4 hours ago

As great as this is, it’s not actually “your character” so you should really credit Sam Reigel of Critical Role who created this character, and make it clear this is your interpretation of it, because you make it sound like it was all your idea.

GameOn 2016 will be back in Vilnius on October
28 September, 2016

Last year Baltic region has seen the biggest games culture event in its history – GameOn 2015. Organized by a vibrant team of gamers, e-sport enthusiasts and game developers, last year’s event came out as a pleasant surprise. 7000 tickets were sold out a month before the event, leaving organizers with a pleasant headache of finding larger venue.

GameOn announcer small

This year, GameOn moves to a larger venue and it is definitely packing double oomph! Event will kick off on 29th October and will last for two days, while the events schedule includes every aspect of gaming culture — from e-sports to cosplay, from game development to pure family entertainment and edutainment.

Last year, GameOn event was bigger than we expected, but because of the limitations of our event venue, we had to abandon some of our ideas. However, this year we have no excuses. Celebration of gaming will last for the whole two days and we will try to make the best out of the space we’ve got. We’re planning to focus on quality content for all kinds of gamers – from hardcore to casual. We are even planning to introduce a special zone dedicated to families and educators.

Jonas Brazys, event organizer

GameOn 2016 will be bigger in every aspect. Indie zone will be expanded to host indie devs from all over the world, while a conference will be split in two parts with a special track for game developers. Event is organized in close co-operation with Lithuanian Game Developers Association and will provide unique opportunities to discover new fans, friends and possible partners in the region.

Lithuania as well as our neighbouring countries has seen rapid development in gaming industry. We saw growing interest in video games, not only among players, but also in general. Game development is booming in our region and this years Game Jam was a proof of that with Lithuania being the second largest participant in the world, counting developers per capita. We also witnessed steep decline in piracy and more positive general outlook towards gaming culture from the public, governmental and educational bodies.

Jonas Brazys, event organizer

Organizers are sure, that capturing the right moment was at the core of last years success, while this years event is created to serve both – entertaining and networking purposes.

Last year GameOn also shook up the Baltic e-sports scene with the biggest Counter Strike tournament in the region to date. More than 300 teams participated in qualifying matches online and the winners got the honour to play on the main stage, cheered for by thousands of fans at the venue. Even more teams are expected to compete this year, while a prize pool grows into a whooping 10000€.

All signs point that GameOn 2016 once again will be an event to remember and You can be a part of it. Have questions? Just drop them a line.

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