Glycon – VR Mocap Tool
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Glycon – VR Mocap Tool
22 January, 2019

Check out a tool by Chilton Webb called Glycon which lets users turn their VR rig into a motion capture platform, for games and animations. The tool mixes your movements with a full body IK system, and exports FBX files based on that.


  • Virtual Sets – Implemented in Build 10 – these let you build your own sets using proxy objects, then export them for a perfect match to your recordings.
  • Teleprompter – remember what it is you were going to say, or what your lines were, when you have your headset on.
  • Multiple Vive Trackers – Implemented in Build 9
  • Support for Valve Knuckles – Implemented in Build 11
  • Out of Box support for Maya – Implemented in Build 11
  • Out of Box support for Motion Builder – Implemented in Build 11
  • Out of Box support for Blender – Implemented in Build 11

  • Out of Box support for iClone – In Progress
  • Out of Box support for UE4 – In Progress
  • Out of Box support for Cinema4D – In Progress
  • Out of Box support for Modo – Implemented in Build 11
  • Props – Suitcases, guns, poles, swords, knives, turkey legs, joysticks, and pretty much anything else people suggest. These will be items you can pick up and interact with, in the virtual world.
  • Import Your own sets – Import any OBJ file as your own set.
  • More hand gestures – Currently the platform supports 4 hand gestures, but the team has a library of 21. “We’ll be including them as soon as we have a UI that will let you assign them.”

The tool is said to currently support HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (support for Windows Mixed Reality promised soon). You can get your hands on a free version with FBX export disabled. Learn more here.

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