God of War Art Blast
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Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

God of War Art Blast
18 June, 2018

The amazing artists from Sony Santa Monica have finally shared some of the amazing art they’ve been working on for God of War.

Few games were as impressive from a technical standpoint this year, as God of War. The adventure of Kratos and his son through Asgard was memorable thanks to the amazing story, engaging mechanics, exploration and phenomenal art. It’s a real treat to see so many talented artists showing their amazing work finally! Below you will find just some of the artists who worked on God of War. We encourage you to go to Artstation and see all the new stuff there as well.

Cliff Schonewill

Cliff did a bunch of work for the game, including the amazing ice effect of the axe, some fantastic environments and Brok’s shop. If you’re interested to learn more about Cliff’s process, be sure to check out his interview with 80 Level 


Cliff also did the house where Kratos lived!

Kyle Bromley

Kyle produced some of the most amazing natural spaced scenes. Remember, that it’s a team effort and some of the assets were done by other people, including Dan Mckim and Aaron Contreras. Lighting was done by Brandon Cha!

Sarah Wang

It was a pleasure to see some new work from Sarah Wang, whom we’ve interviewed almost 2 years ago! Sarah did a bunch of smaller elements, including the Loot Chests and that crazy Fast Travel Realm. Check it out! Be sure to read our interview as well.

Aaron Contreras

Aaron was overseeing a bunch of very cool environments for God of War. Dan McKim helped with the models and textures and Brandon Cha did the fantastic lighting! These environments look absolutely insane. In some ways it looks exactly like a concept art.

Nate Stephens

Nate did a lot of color correction and helped to nail the lighting in some of the scenes (working with Kyle Bromely and Mario Wiechec). He was also the lead environment artist on this project, overseeing all the modeling, layout and material work. 

Timo Pihlajamaki

Timo did a lot of the unseen work on God of War. He did RnD and pushed for tech improvements, educating our Artists on best practices to keep performance / visuals at the top. But he did make something that you can actually see in all the parts of the game – that incredible vista, sky, water FX and that crazy dead giants scene. Thanks, Timo!

Melissa Smith

Melissa worked on a bunch of ancient machines Kratos uses and punches in the game, as well as some smaller dungeon rooms. She took the block mesh and turned it into a beautiful 3d space! This was a team effort, where she worked with Chris O’Neil, Mario Wiechec, Raul Aparicio.

Dan McKim

Dan sculpted some of the amazing tiling materials for God of War. Some of these look absolutely stunning. Dan also helped to create the opening level for the game (lighting was done by Nate Stephens). 

Charleen Au

Charleen Au worked with Erik Jakobsen and Sarah Swenson on the production of Alfheim level in God of War. He was in charge of a lot of the world building and asset building for this place.

Alexander Alza

Cordell Felix

Cordell is not from SMS, but he helped as an external artist to build some cool assets. 

Luciano Di Fede

Luciano did some amazing work for God of War. He worked on environment modeling, scene composition, set dressing, a few materials and some of the props. Kevin Quinn, Cliff Schonewill, Sarah Wang, Stephane Gaudette did a lot of work on these scenes as well,

We thank Santa Monica Studios for this amazing game and we’ll be updating this post with new stuff as it appears online. What an amazing achievement.


Remember that making games is a group effort. Even if we promote some artists, it doesn’t mean that they did all the work in these scenes. There were hundreds of people working on them!


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stunning work from the whole team!

Kyle Bromley
Kyle Bromley

Appreciate the shoutout!