Huge Foliage Library for UE4
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Huge Foliage Library for UE4
12 December, 2017
Environment Art
Environment Design

Today NatureManufacture updated its incredible Environment Set, which is available for purchase through Unreal Marketplace. It’s a really awesome set of assets which can really help you build gorgeous open environments.

The pack includes:

• 8 fir trees (with few bark variants)

• 7 poplar trees

• 12 rocks (with auto -cover, uv free and standard variants)

• 26 grass models

• 47 ground materials

• 2 trunks

• 6 roots

• Tesselated landscape material with UV mix function

• Demo scene from video

 You can find more details about the pack here. Do try it, if you are looking for some interesting natural photogrammetry assets.

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Environment Art
Environment Design
Environment Art
Environment Design