Isotropix Announces Clarisse Builder
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Miami US   15, Jul — 20, Jul
Orlando US   24, Jul — 27, Jul
Grapevine US   25, Jul — 29, Jul
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by UtopiaNemo
1 hours ago

I have the utmost respect for each of these developers. I must say I think they’re mostly incorrect in their assessments of why the Dreamcast failed. The Dreamcast’s ultimate failure had so little to do with the way Sega handled the Dreamcast. Sega and their third party affiliates such as Namco and Capcom put out so many games of such stellar quality, that the Dreamcast won over a generation of gamers who had previously been diehard Nintendo or Sony fans. They even won me over, who had been a diehard Sega fan since the SMS days, but was so disillusioned by the Saturn’s handling that I had initially decided to sit the Dreamcast out. At that time, the Dreamcast launch was widely considered to be the strongest console launch in US history. In my opinion, the three issues leading to the fall of the Dreamcast were (in inverse order):1)piracy, 2)Sega’s great deficit of finances and cachet following the Saturn debacle, and 3)Sony’s masterful marketing of the PlayStation 2. Piracy’s effect on Dreamcast sales is a hotly debated topic, but I’ll say that the turn of the millennium, most college and post-college guys I knew pirated every bit of music or software they could. Regarding the Saturn debacle, the infighting between SOA and SOJ is well known, as are the number of hubristic decisions Mr. Nakayama made which left Sega in huge financial deficit. They were also directly responsible for erasing a lot of the respect and good will Sega had chiseled out worldwide during the Mega Drive/Genesis era. With the Dreamcast, Sega was digging itself out of a hole. They had seemingly done it as well, and would have surely continued along that path, had it not been for the PS2. There is no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming reason the Dreamcast failed was because of the PS2.

by Philip Ho
4 hours ago

Great stuff Fran!

What the hell are you saying? I can't make sense of it.

Isotropix Announces Clarisse Builder
25 July, 2018

At a keynote event in London a couple of days ago, Isotropix revealed Clarisse Builder, a new tool for high-end animation and VFX Studios. Clarisse Builder mixes the scene assembly, lookdev, lighting, rendering, editing and pre-comp tools from Clarisse IFX with a node-based procedural rendering workflow that “allows artists to both macro and micro-manage highly complex constructs containing bazillions of polygons. They can do this at the item level or scale outwards to make sweeping changes at the shot or layer level, all in one viewport that interactively visualizes pre-comped final renders.”


Access a superset of Clarisse iFX designed for major studios with complex rendering needs. Clarisse BUiLDER reinforces Clarisse iFX’s solutions with an accessible, node-based scene construction approach. The result is the industry’s deepest lighting, look-dev and rendering tool, marrying technical range with maximum visibility over final render pre-comps.

  • Access all of Clarisse iFX’s scene authoring tools within BUiLDER’s assembly construction node graph
  • Interactivity and visibility meets flexibility and scalability
  • Easy pipeline integration and deep customization


Take control over any scene via a procedural, non-destructive node-based workflow based on four years of R&D. Using logical or kinematic hierarchies users can macro manage overall asset flow at sequence level or scale down to make micro edits at the per-node level – all within one interface. It’s the ultimate package for dealing with scene complexity at scale.

  • Make detailed or sweeping changes to scene assembly, look-dev, lighting and more
  • Total control: prune, isolate and merge assets non-destructively
  • Visualize fully interactive pre-comps


Explore lookdev and lighting within a unified application and in final shot context. Artists can easily change textures in an environment, break down specific elements of a character, or swap out lighting at a sequence or layer level – all with results quickly rendered as a final, interactive pre-comp.

  • Experiment with interactive visual changes: no more need for test renders
  • Remove the guesswork: see the impact of your changes in shot context
  • Reduce iteration costs – your creative decision making is there to see


Clarisse BUiLDER features a modern and powerful evaluation engine. Only necessary scene elements are processed on the fly and complex project files load super quickly, meaning your waiting time is reduced to the bare minimum and you can make changes straight away. Renders are triggered immediately and time to first pixels is surprisingly small, meaning artists can work and iterate faster than ever.

  • Work with visibility: changes in the assembly are displayed interactively
  • Reduce artist downtime: work at speed with deferred scene construction
  • Stop wasting your time on optimizing: only needed assets are loaded and processed


Clarisse BUiLDER’s node graph and non-destructive interface empowers users with the most flexible look development and lighting pipeline available today. When directors change their mind about a shot, there’s no costly iteration process or lengthy backtracking through the pipeline. Small or sweeping changes can be achieved non-destructively within one interface.

  • Access entire scenes from one easy-to-read template
  • Work in parallel on extremely complex scenes
  • Reduce cost and complexity of the iteration process


With BUiLDER, users can view construction graphs and define render settings before any pixels hit the screen. Furthermore, they can create their templates and debug issues, without even having to kick-off a render. This means faster workflows, a more efficient team, and fewer missed deadlines.

  • A dedicated tool to set up and debug scenes with ease
  • Get involved fast: you don’t need to wait for a scene to load to start working on it
  • Blend user-friendliness with technical depth


You can get more details on the new platform here

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