KeyHydra for 3DS Max: Introducing LazerCut
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KeyHydra for 3DS Max: Introducing LazerCut
7 August, 2017

Have you heard about a cool tool for 3ds Max called KeyHydra? The thing brings multitap shortcuts and context sensitive shortcuts to 3DS Max. It also adds a simple shortcut editor which doesn’t require coding skills. Keyboard shortcuts are said to be smarter as they will trigger different actions, based on context; including amount of key pressures, selected elements, active modifier, amount of element selected. 

The thing is that the developers are now working on a boolean-based tool with super easy workflow called LazerCut that will become a part of the toolkit. It can become a hard surface artist’s best friend.

I would like to introduce you “LazerCut” that we’ve been working on since a couple of time with Swordslayer.

It’s a boolean based tool, with super easy workflow. Hard surface artist will love it!

It will be part of next Keyhydra release, as usuall free of charge for Keyhydra’s clients. This tool will be working on Max 2017/2018 only !

Massimo from Onikanabo. 

Visual Overview

Lazer Cut Overview: 

Substraction Mode:

Split mode:

Manipulating Cutters:

Manipulating Cutters

Cutters can be snapped 

Cutters can cut with certain rules






You can find more info on the toolkit and buy it here. Stay tuned for the LazerCut release date! 

Source: Polycount

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