Material Blending Shaders for Marmoset Toolbag 3
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I have being working in the AAA industry for tha last 3 years and the crunch is what is forcing me to find something else to do in life even if I love 3d. Some places may be more respectful with their employees but in my experience the crunch is even calculated in advance cause they know the workers will accept that. Some people is very passionate and don´t mind to do it and that is fine but a lot of people have families and they want to build a healthy environment with them or other goals outside the working ours. Not to mention non-payed overtime and other abuses I faced. Hope this industry fixs this problem.

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Those tilesets are sexy. Seeing new tilesets is like getting introduced to a new lego set.

Material Blending Shaders for Marmoset Toolbag 3
9 January, 2017
Chris Perrella from Insomniac Games has recently released an outstanding little tool for Marmoset Toolbag 3. Its name basically tells it all ‘Material Blending Shaders‘. The download file contains shader extensions allowing for 3 layer material blending on your existing Toolbag 3 shaders! There will be two PBR shaders one for the Metallic / Rough workflow and one for Specular / Gloss. The pack costs just $10.


  • 3 Layer Material Blending.
  • 2 Channel Texture Based Mask for Layer Interpolation. (Allows For Use of 2nd UV Set)
  • 2 Channel Vertex Color Based Mask for Layer Interpolation. (Can Be Combined with Texture Mask)
  • Blend Threshold Softness and Depth Controls for Each Layer.
  • Custom UV Tiling for Each Layer.
  • Heightmap Inversion.
  • Blend Visualizer View to Debug Masks.

You can get more details on this project over at Polycount.

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