Materialize: New Contest from Allegorithmic
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Bit late to the game. The kickstarter got cancelled in January! :(

by koen vosters
3 hours ago

Kickstarter failed and it got cancelled?

by Madhav Bharadwaj
5 hours ago

will the course contain timelapses?

Materialize: New Contest from Allegorithmic
24 October, 2017

Allegorithmic launched a new contest for Substance Designer users. The previous contest from the company “Meet Mat” was an overwhelming success, so we guess the next one will be just as big.

The rules as pretty simple. You just need to download a copy of Substance Designer (which recently got updated) and go to Mattershots Instagram account. There you need to choose one cool material and try to recreate it in Designer. Substance Designer is available for free as a 30-day trial, so anyone can try. Just don’t forget to view the tutorial.

Download the assets (required to compete).

The contest will run for a month, from October 24th to November 24th at 11:59 pm (PST) You will need to submit your entries with this form. Winners will be announced 12 days after the end of the contest, on December 6th.


1. The main reference image must be selected from one of the 750+ images on the Mattershots Instagram inspiration channel.

Because of the image resolution limitation on Instagram, if you need more information about small surface details for example, you can use additional images as references (of the same type of material) you find on the web to enrich your work.

If you use additional reference images, please include them in your submission zip.

2. You don’t have to reproduce the Mattershots scenes.

Let’s focus only on the material. No need to make 3D models or UVs, create a scene, et cetera. These elements won’t be taken into consideration during the judging phase.

However, if you want to go further in the development of your submission, we’d be happy to have a look.

3. The materials must be created in Substance Designer.

You cannot simply import bitmaps that have been created in another tool.

4. Materials must be tweakable.

With Substance Designer you have the possibility to expose parameters to tweak several attributes of the materials such as color, structure, glossiness, size, distribution, etc. Show your creativity!

5. A single entry mode.

Select a material reference from a single image from Allegorithmic’s @mattershots inspiration channel on Instagram and use Substance Designer to create/reproduce the material textures. Use an existing texture from Allegorithmic’s Substance Source PBR material library as a starting point.

6. You must submit your entry in ONE, and only one, of the two contest categories: General or MDL.

Categories will be judged separately with winners in each category.

7. You can submit only one entry (and in only one of the two categories).

The prizes

1st Place
– 1 HP DreamColor Z32x Professional Display monitor
– 1 year of Substance Indie
– 1 year of ArtStation Pro

2nd Place
– NVIDIA M5000
– 1 year of Substance Indie
– 1 year of ArtStation Pro

3rd Place
– X-Rite 1 Photo Pro 2 ColorChecker
– 1 year of Substance
– 1 year of ArtStation Pro

Show what your inner technical artist can do, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely!

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