Megascans Assets: Snowy Environment Creation

Check out 5 snowy Megascans assets that would be essential for creating a winter nature scene. 

1. Snow Embankment 

Check out a realistic snow embarkment asset that would go on nicely as a background for a snowy, mountain scene or a similar environment piece. 

2. Ice Cliff

This Ice Cliff asset would be a nice addition to any Nordic-inspired scene. Whether you're recreating a real place or making a fantasy one, we suggest checking it out, it might work well as a background or midground asset. 

3. Ice Cliff

A huge Ice Cliff definitely brings the feeling of the power of nature and a vibe of a stopped life. Consider adding this asset if you want to add a bit of a majestic atmosphere to your project.

4. Modular Snow Road

Here are a few assets that'd help speed your workflow. Just tweak this modular road asset, add a few custom details to make it fit in your scene, and there you go. 

5. Melting Snow Road

And for the last one, there's no such thing as a winter season with perfectly clean snowy roads. The melting snow road asset will help you add a bit of realism as well as a sign of human's presence to the storyline. 

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  • Kieu Lida

    This is interesting. now I can create snow on my own <a href="">puzzle jigsaw</a>


    Kieu Lida

    ·a month ago·

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