Nukeygara Unveils Its 2019 Product Roadmap
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Oh shit!

by S.K.O
1 days ago

VUE without competition

Can you please give us a walkthrough how to implement this into Maya? would be super helpful. Thanks a lot.

Nukeygara Unveils Its 2019 Product Roadmap
9 August, 2019

After introducing its rent-to-own subscription plan akeytsu LIVE, Nukeygara shared details on its 2019 product roadmap which features a regular stream of updates to akeytsu users going forward starting with three release packs until the end of the year. Starting 2020, Nukeygara is said to aim for quarterly updates for akeytsu.

On top of its existing perpetual licensing options, Nukeygara introduces akeytsu LIVE, a flexible way to access akeytsu at a fair and affordable price. Starting at $14.99 per month, akeytsu LIVE is a rent-to-own subscription plan with which your monthly installments go towards the purchase of a License Freeze. This will let subscribers freeze their license forever for the exact same price as a perpetual license while spreading software spendings over time.

Nukeygara firmly believes that software subscriptions should not encourage customers to overspend but should instead be a developer’s commitment to bring service and features over time.

In this spirit akeytsu LIVE will offer its subscribers the ability to manage their active seats per license dynamically to accommodate production schedule. More importantly Nukeygara is sharing today its 2019 product roadmap for akeytsu detailing 3 updates to be released by end of the year.

These include:

  • Major features – native support for macOS, an innovative facial blendshape workflow, implementation of additive layers and support for voxel skinning (1. Other enhancements – animation recomputing after pivot reorientation in Bind Pose, custom leg chain for Reverse Foot, joint light display mode; 2. The implementation of community requests – step interpolation, custom window size for Tree & Animbank)
  • UX improvements, bug fixes, and more

You can learn more here.

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