Physics Forests – Real-Time Fluid Simulations
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by Dara Burke
50 min ago

Great breakdown of the process and optimization, thanks for sharing.

This article just not only provides great tools for level design. It's also useful vocabulary to express ideas with our team.

Very well presented article. Thank You

Physics Forests - Real-Time Fluid Simulations
28 August, 2018

Apagom AG has recently presented a preview video and a downloadable interactive demo for Physics Forests, the team’s new real-time fluid simulation software that revolves around machine learning.

You can now get hands on a standalone demo is available that is capable of dealing with real-time simulations of fluids and granular materials interacting with rigid bodies and animated characters plus interactive environments such as movable objects, fluid sources and additional effects additional effects like tornados and swirls. The software is said to be ready for real-time fluid sims and surface meshing for up to 10 million particles. What is more, the developer has plans on releasing plugins for existing physics engines and VFX software. 

The demo is compatible with Windows and Linux and requires a minimum of a GTX1060 graphics card. The team recommends a 1080GTx for the demo.

You can learn more on the project’s website.


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