Post-Apocalyptic Desert for UE4
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Post-Apocalyptic Desert for UE4
26 February, 2018

Kimmo Kaunela has released his UE4 post-apocalyptic desert environment with a large amount of props and a driveable vehicle. The pack features different sets of foliage assets, materials that have useful features like adaptive landscape tessellation, interactive foliage, and dirt blending.  

Unreal Engine 4 project that contains desert environment with abandoned locations to explore. This project also have a drive able car to explore the environment faster. I wanted to put my last few years of work into one project using some of my older models and new ones. My goal was to create a base that is both optimized and flexible for all sort of projects.

Landscape is using a material that allows to use adaptive tessellation with distance based blending and triplanar mapping. Project also have over 100 model and 188 texture assets. Level is using a fully dynamic lighting that is optimized to give the best possible performance.

Kimmo Kaunela 


  • Over 100+ model assets
  • Spline assets for roads, light poles, fences
  • Drive able car based on the Advanced Vehicle Blueprint
  • Master materials for foliage, building, prop, terrain
  • 3 layer terrain material with adaptive tessellation, distance based blending and triplanar mapping
  • Assets built with AAA quality
  • Building have rigged doors and interior
  • Large amount of different props and foliage assets
  • Procedural foliage and rock spawning
  • Built in colliders for assets
  • LODs for models
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Included desert scene with abandoned diner and roads

Texture Sizes:

  •  2K (53)
  •  1K (104)
  •  512 (31)

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2 Comments on "Post-Apocalyptic Desert for UE4"


The greate set!


seriously an amazing one. you can do a Fallout-like game with it. We did an interview with Kimmo about it.