Projekt Red Chooses More Humane Attitude To Cyberpunk Devs
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Thats really cool talk :)

Wow it's so refreshing to see projects inspired by serious cinema and even more literature, most 3D artist I know probably never heard of Tarkovsky and wouldn't go through an Art film that is "foreign", 2.5 hours and has really slow shots. It's a shame, there's so much inspiration out there waiting to be taken from all the brilliant XX century Masters of cinema... Keep up the good work, I really hope to see more stuff from you.

Projekt Red Chooses More Humane Attitude To Cyberpunk Devs
19 May, 2019

Footage of Cyberpunk 2077 made it clear that the project is incredibly huge, and the question here is whether workers at CD Projekt Red have time for their personal lives.  The developer was previously accused of crunch, but a recent Kotaku article states that studio management decided to improve their work-life balance, even if crunch can still be necessary.

“We’re known—let me be humble for a moment here—we are known for treating gamers with respect,” stated Marcin Iwiński, the company’s co-founder. “This is what we’ve been working hard toward. And I actually would like for us to also be known for treating developers with respect.”

The management team set up a “non-obligatory crunch policy”, meaning that even when they are asked to work on nights and weekends, it’s not “mandatory.”

“We’ve been working toward it for some time already,” Iwiński added. “We’ve been communicating clearly to people that of course there are certain moments where we need to work harder—like I think the E3 demo is a pretty good example—but we want to be more humane and treat people with respect. If they need to take time off, they can take time off. Nobody will be frowned upon if this will be requested.”

They also hope that this public statement would make developers feel more comfortable telling that they need time off.

It also appears that as of this moment, CD Projekt Red’s team have to limit their vacation to specific times in 2019. The team is trying to organize the vacations better, but the management states that on certain occasions there are certain rules, and they have some special rules for the last year of the development.

Make sure to get more details on their work in an article by Kotaku.

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Voluntary crunch is utter bullshit. Those that elect not to work the extra hours are passed over for promotions and bonuses. It has been a veiled threat that those who dont crunch on a regular basis are first to go when layoffs happen after shipment.


For fuck sake people, developers are not children and don’t need to be babied. With a game like cyberpunk they have spent there lives working and proving themselves for this opportunity to show what they can do. When you spend anywhere from 2 to 5 years of your life on a project and you know you have something special, if need to be forced to put in every last bit of effort at “crunch” time you probably don’t deserve to be there.


Wow, did you even worked (or aware of what it’s like) on a production ? Asking people to work extra hours for a game shouldn’t be an industry standard, because this is literally hostage taking. I understand crunch time, but it should really be an extreme solution. You can’t ask people to cut down their personnal/family life just because your game is “special”. Bravo to CRP for fighting against this.


Tell Japan more about having less crunches.


If a 100 million dollar investments ability to break even and bring attention to future projects isn’t an extreme scenario, I don’t know what is. It’s often the last minute spit and polish that makes the difference between a masterpiece that is talked about for years, and wasted potential.