Razer to release new VR headset
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by juaxix
10 hours ago

I'm in!!

by Arzach
13 hours ago

Trying to steal Vray's thunder.

I'm gonna wait for Steam version

Razer to release new VR headset
14 June, 2016

Razer has announced a new virtual reality headset for its open-source VR platform during E3 2016. Razer’s product is set to launch this July with price at $399.99

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The HDK [Hacker Development Kit] 2 is equipped with custom designed lenses and an OLED dual-display for a total resolution of 2160 by 1200. It also includes IQE (Image Quality Enhancer) technology for a reduced screen door effect. Capable of displaying VR experiences at 90 frames-per-second, the HDK 2 hardware specifications are comparable to the best virtual reality headsets available now.


New headset is said to be compatible with games designed for the OSVR platform. What is more, it will work with Steam VR games that are playable with a standard controller. Its open nature will allow developers to create their own controllers.

The first version of the Hacker Development Kit is already available on sale for $299.99. The HDK 2 is a new try to reach the best quality, while sticking to the open nature.

Source: Polygon

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