Remaking The Battle For Middle Earth In UE4
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Hurry up and get it on the store - I need it for a project ;-)

by Krzysztof Czerwinski
16 hours ago

All characters look so artificial...all movements of characters are unnatural :( CG industry has traveled by so many years of 3D development in all possible ways and all characters in animations looks still like puppets:(

by James Brown
22 hours ago

Thank you for your post, I look for such article along time, today I find it finally. this post gives me lots of advise it is very useful for me.

Remaking The Battle For Middle Earth In UE4
2 July, 2018

Fans of Battle for Middle Earth are now remaking the game in Unreal Engine 4, and it appears that we might get an almost all-new game. The Battle for Middle-Earth: Reforged will present a completely rewritten code and change the way game feels and plays.

The team will add some new features like destructible terrain and 4K support. A playable build is planned for release in early 2019. It’s worth noting that the game is multiplayer-only for now, with a campaign being “a secondary task”.


  • Up-to-date 3D graphics, FX effects: Unreal Engine 4 has received recognition for it’s leading real-time visual rendering capabilities and has been widely used in creating movies and architectural design.
  • No more lags: Lags were always an issue when it comes to multiplayer, it was the old engine and off-host problem which were responsible for players suffering. Multiplayer optimization is one of our primary goals and it is possible due to having a new game engine and, in particular, an open source code and an opportunity to make a convenient auto rating system.
  • Dynamic interaction: Dynamic and destructible landscape and surroundings, sophisticated physics. Watching is better than reading and that’s why we prepared special footage, showing clothing simulation (e.g. capes and banners realistically reacting to wind), dynamic destruction of buildings and castle walls (The deepening wall of Helm’s Deep explodes as it does in the film “The Two Towers”), collision of various objects (units collide and interact with each other and their surroundings)
  • High fps: The Battle for Middle-Earth and it’s successors had only 30 fps which is too low for modern games! We assure you, you will feel the difference when you will watch the gameplay footage.
  • 4K support: Even The Battle for Middle-Earth II could not even support a resolution of 1K, that is also why it’s official gameplay videos had a resolution no higher than 720 P. The first teaser of “The Battle for Middle-Earth: Reforged” is shot in Ultra HD resolution, so we kindly suggest you to switch on the higher parameters to 4K (or 2K in case if your device capacity is not enough). Do not watch it on phones unless you are up to skip the best of we can offer.

You can learn more about the project here

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