Samsung's NEON Unveiled

During CES 2020 in Las Vegas, CEO of Samsung STAR Labs, Pranav Mistry announced NEON, artificial human.

CEO of Samsung STAR Labs, Pranav Mistry announced NEON during CES 2020 in Las Vegas. 

According to its official website, NEON is a computationally created virtual being that looks and behaves like a real human, with the ability to show emotions and intelligence. 

The first news about the new technology from Samsung STAR Labs came up in December 2019 via Twitter. But the tweets contained teaser videos and didn't give any information regarding any NEON features. 

The day before the conference, Mistry tweeted that he will announce the technology and shared some previews of it. 

However, the trailer video was leaked before the official announcement by a Reddit user. In the video, you can check the result of how NEON generated the uploaded data with the voice, facial expressions, and movements of real people and created realistic artificial humans based on them. 

Besides being called artificial human, NEON has the following features:

  • is 100% visually real
  • isn't an AI assistant. The developers suggest you consider it a friend
  • Speaks a wide range of languages 
  • NEON can communicate and collaborate with us, gain new skills and learn more about us. 

Check the NEON website and its official Twitter account for more information and upcoming updates. 

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