Skyrim's Riverwood Recreated using Photogrammetry & Unreal Engine 5

Check out this modern makeover of an iconic location from Skyrim.

Environment Artist at Myrkur Games Christian Gomm has released a new UE5-based version of yet another The Elder Scrolls' iconic locations. Previously, the author had already revealed Skyrim's Western Watchtower and Oblivion's Kvatch Oblivion Gate. This time, using the power of Unreal Engine 5 and photogrammetry assets, Gomm has brought us Skyrim's Riverwood, the first town we are likely to visit during the playthrough.

The project contains a mixture of Gomm's photoscanned assets and materials, Megascans assets, and Substance materials, created by the artist. The pine trees were made using SpeedTree and the Spruce trees were from an Unreal Market asset pack. Almost all of the assets in the scene have UE5's Nanite enabled and range in polycount from 100,000 to 15 million triangles.

"The majority of the environment was made in a few days, but I've been slowly adding to it as I create new photoscans, including many of the stumps and logs, all but one of the stone surfaces, some bark materials, and foliage pieces," comments the author.

Gomm's photoscans, most of which were used in this environment:

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