Source Code for HBIL Technique

Source Code for HBIL Technique

Have you heard about HBIL by Benoit Patapom Mayaux?

Have you heard about HBIL by Benoit Patapom Mayaux? It is a fast and efficient screen-space indirect lighting technique that might be an ideal complement to any far-field illumination strategies like probe-based solutions. The thing is that the developer has recently shared a source code for this technique on GitHub. 

Check out the technique in action below, the little insets present the direct lighting-only images:

Basically, the technique that offers a cheap but efficient way to add ambient occlusion and indirect lighting by exploiting the screen-space information at its maximum potential.

This near-field technique is described as “an exact complement to the far-field indirect lighting offered by environment probes and, together, they should bring a lot of realism to your renderings.”

You can learn more about the mathematical theory behind HBIL in the following paper: 2018 Mayaux – Horizon-Based Indirect Lighting (HBIL).pdf.

Get the files and read more about the technique on GitHub.

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