Courses for Mastering Character Art Workflow

Check out a compilation of different courses, workshops, and tutorials that would help you gain more experience and upgrade your skills in character art production.

Spiderman Timelapse + Photoshop File

Check out a cool tutorial on creating Spiderman from Raf Grassetti. 

The tutorial includes the recorded creation process in 8 parts:

  • Head
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Forearms
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Pose and Render
  • Rendering photoshop file with layers

Anatomy Tutorial Package

Learn the details of anatomy for character production with Raf Grassetti. 

What’s inside of the pack: 

  • Anatomy01: Proportions
  • Anatomy02: Torso/Back
  • Anatomy03: Arms 
  • Anatomy04: Legs
  • Anatomy05: Hands
  • Anatomy06: Feet
  • Anatomy07: Head Blocking/Proportions
  • Anatomy08: Ear/Mouth/Nose (Available 08/14)
  • Anatomy09: Eyes/Face Sculpt (Available 08/21)
  • Final .ztl of the male sculpt
  • .ZTL digital file of the Ecorche sculpted by Grassetti 

The Dwarf Warrior: 3D Character Creation For Game

Dive into the step-by-step production process of the dwarf warrior. 

What you’ll learn during the course: 

  • an easy pipeline for creating 3D characters for games
  • ways to create a high-poly detailed character and textures 
  • in-depth study and understanding of hair modeling, texturing for games

Fantasy Character Portraits 

Join the Vertex School course to upgrade your skills in fantasy character portrait creation. 

The course covers the full production from start to finish: 

  • collecting references 
  • modeling character’s portraits 
  • retopology and UV
  • texturing and presentation
  • working on the anatomical structure of the face

Modeling & Sculpting Blendshapes

Abdelrahman Shebl will guide you through the workflow of modeling and sculpting blendshapes.

Your takeaways from the course will be: 

  • Understanding the blendshapes for a proper facial rig using FACS
  • Understanding facial expressions and details and how they can be extracted.
  • Have mastered your way through the blenshape pipeline.
  • Have created your own unique blenshape and facial expressions from scans.

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