Soviet Household: Looking for Hope in Nostalgia
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by Constantine Medvedev
22 min ago

Great work and breakdown! Thanks for sharing :)

Thiago has escaped from a question about how is the policy in Blizzard :) Or it's just too short quote?

Please put head title as podcast!

Soviet Household: Looking for Hope in Nostalgia
10 March, 2017
Currently, a small indie team from Ukraine is working on a surreal horror adventure Twin Soul. While this project may seem like another indie take on classical Silent hill formula, it does have one huge advantage – environment design. The team is using Unreal Engine 4 to recreate a realistic look of the typical flat for a resident of the country of the former CIS.

It’s got so many delightful details: carpets on the walls (Persian style was for some reason super popular in USSR), old Soviet furniture, plastic office chairs and transparent curtains for windows. If you’ve ever been in an apartment like this, you’re bound to feel nostalgic.

The head of the team Alexander Gorbachev is investing a lot of effort in keeping that old spirit of the early 90s post-soviet places. It’s got that dreary interior, which sort of binds us with the old state, and you’ve got bright sunshine, inviting us to a new more optimistic world (which sadly never came).

Too bad it will have to become a horror game. It’s got so much potential. Wish it would just become a story of that time and place, few of the Western users had a chance to experience.


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Looks like my home.


Good looking!