Stardrop: Indie Take on ‘Firewatch in Space’
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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

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2 days ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

Stardrop: Indie Take on ‘Firewatch in Space’
6 January, 2017

Stardrop actually came to our attention completely unexpectedly. This is one of those under-the-radar games, which somehow doesn’t get all the attention it needs. Basically, it’s a narrative driven sci-fi first person adventure and exploration game.

You play as Aryn Vance who is a Salvage and Rescue operative. His job is exploring various spaceships, lost in our universe. So one day he sets on a routine mission on a derelict spacecraft and finds a huge mystery to solve. Developers don’t want to make another Dead Space, so instead they apply a much warmer and friendlier approach, creating the experience that is more about humans and less about space exploration. We’re thinking ‘Firewatch in Space’.



The team behind Stardrop was thinking about building ‘a positive narrative driven single player experience” for a long time, but it was Alien Isolation that sort of helped to start the whole process. The developers drew inspiration from a bunch of different projects, including Portal 2, Inside Out and Gravity.

Overall you’ll be able to explore three different spaceships, recreated with the help of Unreal Engine 4. It looks very nice. The sting is great, the choice of colours is very unusual and the whole interior architecture is very detailed. However, the whole peaceful space exploration thing is definitely not catching up with the gaming crowd. The Kickstarter campaign has failed and the company is currently gathering funds through the official website. The release date is still unknown. Still, it’s a very interesting game and we’re really interested in seeing more of it in the future.


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The kickstarter campaign is still going on with 4 days to go. They only need S$700 more to hit their goal (that’s less that 500 USD). With a bit more last minute exposure, I’m sure they can make it.