Take-Two Chief Places No Bets On Room-scale VR This Year
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Please make the second floor..!! and if you've done it please tell me where can I find it...??!

Thanks, Allar! Good luck with your new project!

Who just carries around $250.000 worth of files on a portable hardrive without any backups.. The bug is stupid, but this guy is a moron.

Take-Two Chief Places No Bets On Room-scale VR This Year
2 June, 2016

Speaking at the 44th annual Cowen and Company Tech, Media & Telecom conference, Take-Two chief Strauss Zelnick talked about VR stating that it is just “way too expensive right now.”

It’s way too expensive right now. There is no market for a $2000 entertainment device that requires you to dedicate a room to the activity. I don’t know what people could be thinking. Maybe some of the people in this room have a room to dedicate to an entertainment activity, but back here in the real world? That’s not what we have in America.

We have like $300 to spend on an entertainment device and we do not have a dedicated room. We have a room for a screen, a couch, and controllers. We don’t have something where you stand in a big open space and hold two controllers with something on your head–and not crash into the coffee table. We don’t have that.

Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two Chief

He went on analyzing possibillities saying that it’s just not the right time or the tight place. It seems that positive prognoses concerning VR market should be taken critically and developers should first look into VR themselves to decide whether they should use it or not.

I’m not unexcitied; I’m just saying it remains to be seen

Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two Chief

Source: Gamespot

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