Tim Sweeney paid $15 Million to Keep NC Wild
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Tim Sweeney paid $15 Million to Keep NC Wild
9 November, 2016
The founder of Epic Games made a huge donation to save a 7,000-acre parcel of North Carolina land. It is the largest individual donation in state history. That’s why you need money guys.





North Carolina is a beautiful state (much like most of the United States by the way), so it’s nice to hear that a part of it will be secure from the human corruption. The $15 million donation will protect the Box Creek Wilderness in western North Carolina, near the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thanks to this contribution landowners cannot develop, subdivide, or interfere with the tract of land in question.

It’s still in private ownership but the easement ensures it can never be developed. It’s not open to anyone in the public at any time, but people can email and get a permission card and go and enjoy it. I’m grateful for the efforts of Senator Burr to help protect Box Creek Wilderness. And I’m grateful for the whole Fish and Wildlife Service team’s tireless efforts to preserve vital North Carolina natural areas in partnership with conservation-minded landowners like me


Tim Sweeney

Epic Games


Gamespot reports, that it’s not the first time Sweeney is buying land in North Carolina for conservation. He’s been doing this since 2008 and now has collected 40,000 acres of land across the state, some of which has been donated for conversation efforts.

It’s amazing to see such a huge figure in game development caring so much about nature. US is probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world with astonishingly beautiful natural reserves. I’m happy to see people with money actually caring about these things and investing in its conservation. Humanity is pretty cool sometimes.

Author: Kirill Tokarev

Source: gamespot.com

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