Top 3 October Job Openings

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Hat Hair Games is an indie studio based out of the Seattle area. Their team creates compelling, unique, and entertaining games utilizing innovative technology. 

Our goal is to build a fun and visually distinct game that will grab people's attention and stand out in a crowded marketplace.


  • Work with the team to help solidify and expand the gameplay foundations established in a vertical slice
  • Polish the gameplay feel for 18 playable creatures to provide a tight, satisfying moment to moment experience
  • Prototype interesting and compelling boss fights with multiple winning strategies
  • Consult on the overall flow and layout of the interconnected world map 
  • Block-out play spaces where gameplay flow forms memorable experiences.
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Hardcore First
We believe in serious games. Games where player interactions matter and which most people play for years, not just weeks or months
Every Player Matters

Every employee is encouraged to speak up, listen, be respectful of other opinions, and embrace criticism as just another avenue for great ideas. Everyone is responsible for their own work, both the process and the outcome
Global Approach
Grow our game company to be a global player. We also seek the most passionate, talented people in the world to enrich our company.  After developing a passion for community-driven development as part of our transparent process.

Vaki Games are looking for a highly talented Character Artist to play a key role in the studio.

Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • Maya/Max
  • Z-Brush
  • Substance Painter / Designer is an advantage.
  • Photoshop
  • In-depth understanding of human and animal anatomy, including muscle positions (origin and insertion), bones, and proportion.
  • Good understanding of game topology, including edge flow and correct mesh creation for animation.
  • Good understanding of the language of cloth.

Lightneer is a hyper and hybrid casual mobile game studio. Marketing Artist is a new role in this team. 

Our mission is to develop and publish a handful of hit games each year working closely with our strategically chosen partners. Our games are fun, unique, snackable, rewarding, and hyper-casual, serving just what the audience ordered: easy-to-play games that entertain and offer stress relief in the midst of the players’ life.


  • Video editing and creating motion graphics for game marketing videos
  • Producing game marketing assets like icons, feature graphics, etc.
  • Developing art assets for branding and other marketing efforts
  • Benchmark marketing art and help game teams to create successful campaigns 

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