Top Boss Fight Books

Top Boss Fight Books

This week, we’ve picked top 5 books in the Boss Fight series.

This week, we’ve picked top 5 books in the Boss Fight series. Learn more about the secrets of game design behind Spelunky, Shadow of the Colossus, Chrono Trigger, Kingdom Hearts, and our favorite Metal Gear.


Spelunky is Boss Fight’s first autobiographical book. It is the story of a game’s creation as told by its creator. Using his own game as a vehicle, Derek Yu discusses different topics like randomization, challenge, indifferent game worlds, player feedback, development team dynamics, and what’s required to actually finish a game. “Grab some ropes, a mattock, and your favorite pug—this book is going to dig deep.”


Why is Shadow still so unique in terms of game design over a decade later? The book’s author, Nick Suttner discusses this question and others while, talking about the game’s influence, examining the culture around its unfinished mysteries, and investigating the game’s colossal impact on his own beliefs about games, art, and life.

This next one by Michael P. Williams features interviews with translator Ted Woolsey and DS retranslator Tom Slattery, diving deep into connections between Crono’s world and ours, including Chrono Trigger’s take on institutions such as law and religion, how the game’s heroes fit and defy genre conventions, and the maddening logical headaches inherent in any good time travel plot.

Learn why many consider Chrono Trigger one of the highest points of the entire RPG world.

Kingdom Hearts II

A games critic and JRPG superfan Alexa Ray Corriea explains the phenomenon of Kingdom Hearts II. The book features “Corriea’s close reading of protagonist Sora’s struggles and triumphs, his friendship with rival Riku, and his dark journey into oblivion illuminates how the unlikely universe of Kingdom Hearts authentically portrays human relationships better than any solo Final Fantasy or Disney game ever could.” Learn all about the game’s themes and emotional depths.

This final one is special. First of all, it was written by the authors of the hit web series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? (one of them even lent her voice to Saints Row IV, Towerfall, Life is Strange, Adventure Time, and many other beloved games0. But most importantly it discusses Playstation’s greatest game with groundbreaking stealth mechanics, a gruff and hunky leading man, a brilliantly claustrophobic setting, tons of cinematic cutscenes, shocking fourth wall breaks, and terrifying bosses.


All Above the Sky, by Erik Johansson

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    Top Boss Fight Books