Tutorial: A Deep Dive Into Houdini's Fast Remesh SOP

Learn how to work with the recently-released Houdini's native remeshing node with these new tutorials published by SideFX.

The SideFX team published a new two-part tutorial on using Houdini's recently-added Fast Remesh SOP. Released by the SideFX Labs team alongside Houdini 19.5, Fast Remesh performs Houdini's native remeshing operation on partitioned geometry, processing each piece in parallel which greatly reduces the calculation time of traditional remeshing. Controls on the SOP allow for multiple types of partitioning and remeshing control.

The new tutorials serve as an introduction to the node, explaining how it was built and showing how it can be used for your Houdini projects. You can watch the tutorials attached above and below or by visiting the Tutorials section on SideFX's official website.

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