Tutorial: Automatic Materials and Rendering in MODO
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by Captain Jack
27 min ago

Nice sharing!

this is so cool! as someone who doesn't really understand the process of making simulations, i liked the explanations and it makes me appreciate the amount of work and creativity that's involved in making them.

Godot forever s2

Tutorial: Automatic Materials and Rendering in MODO
2 April, 2018

Tor Frick has just released a new tutorial on generating automatic materials. The guide covers the full process, showing how you can get nice-looking renders to attract new viewers and build AAA projects.  

This tutorial is an in-depth walkthrough on how to create automatic materials without UVs in Modo from scratch, and how to render these out and composit them in Photoshop, to create the final renders shown.

It goes through how to set up the materials, how to know your way around the shader tree, tricks to hide tiling, get the most out of different types of masking, using procedural textures, and how to use the assembly in MODO, as well as rendering, optimising render times, basic lighting tricks, and how to composit aswell as cheat and texturepaint your renders in Photoshop.

Tor Frick 

The pack on Gumroad features 3.5+ hours of narrated video. It also comes with example Modo scenes, textures and Photoshop files for you to figure out the whole process. 

Get the tutorial for $25

Source: Gumroad

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