Unity Deals: Working on Tropical Vegetation

Check out 5 Unity packs with tropical vegetation assets that would be spot-on for a jungle realistic or low-poly project.

Jungle - Tropical Vegetation

Grab a cool collection of tropical vegetation with a variety of plants and trees. 

What’s inside:

  • A sample scene
  • 11 different plant species with 49 variations (11 materials for 3D plants and 8 materials for billboards)
  • 12 variations for climbing plants
  • 18 different tree variations (7 materials and 6 materials for billboards)
  • Sample environment assets (Architecture, rocks, cliffs, textures, and more)
  • The textures of the vegetation are 4K resolution
  • 2 special shaders to use with the vegetation (Graph included)
  • 1 sample shader to set moss on objects
  • A manual that explains how to import more vegetation in the package.
  • All assets are optimized with LOD's

Low Poly Vegetation Kit

Check out a pack with low-poly vegetation assets for a nice scene production.

Package contains:

  • 3x Branches
  • 3x Mushrooms
  • 3x Flowers
  • 3x Stumps
  • 1x Log
  • 5x Grass Patches
  • 3x Plants
  • 5x Trees
  • 5x Small Rocks
  • 5x Rocks
  • 5x Big Rocks
  • 2x Water Planes
  • 1x Mountain

Tropical Vegetation Pack

1 of 3

Get a pack with photorealistic collections of tropical plants. 

The collection includes:

  • 19 types of trees and 5 types of grass
  • 3 levels of LOD
  • PBR Shaders with custom wind
  • 2 types of demo scene for each render
  • Great skybox

Yughues Tropical Plants v2

Check out 8 types of tropical plants from Yughues. 

Each prefab has:

  • 2 UV (1 custom AO in UV2 albedo)
  • 4 LOD
  • 1 capsule collider
  • Light probe proxy volume on each LOD

Some technical details:

  • Polycount (LOD0): highest (SmallPalmBig) 2240 tris, lowest (SpikePalmSmall) 472 tris, average 1467.91 tris
  • Textures: albedo, normal, specular; 1024² max, ambient occlusion; 128² max


Low-poly Tropical Vegetation

Check out another collection of low-poly tropical plants.

There are 3 variations of the palm tree, each having an extra LOD level, the tree parts are detached from each other (trunk, leaves, dry leaves, etc.).

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