Unity Digest: Half-Priced Game Development Tools for Students

Check out 5 tools for Unity that will help you build terrains, work with splines, manage animation, and more. These and 150+ other assets have 50% off for Unity Student plan users until the end of September.

Unity has started the Back to School 2020 Asset Store Promotion with 50% for assets collection. To get the discount, you should be a Unity Student plan user or sign up for it by September 30, 2020. User the coupon code AS2020BTS when purchasing assets from the list on this page. Below are the packs from the Promotion collection.

EasyRoads3D Pro

Check out a tool for creating a road system and parametric modeling in Unity. The tool goes with built-in editable dynamic crossing prefabs and custom crossing prefabs based on your models.


  • Winding roads or dirt paths in scenic environments and complex city road networks.
  • Built-in customizable crossings
  • Custom crossings - import your own crossing models
  • Side Objects: bridges, guard rails, fences, walls, power lines, etc.
  • Custom shapes for other infrastructures like railroads and rivers
  • Terrains conformed to the road shape, grass/tree removal, optional road shape baking in the terrain splat map
  • Road data import for real-world visualization (OSM/KML)
  • Scripting API: road creation through code both in the Unity editor and at runtime

UMotion Pro - Animation Editor

Do any type of 3D modeling in Unity with UMotion Pro.

Technical details:

  • FBX Export
  • Unity timeline integration
  • Import Mocap and 3rd part animations
  • Animation layers
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Child-of constraint
  • Convert animations to IK

Dreamteck Splines

Grab a spline solution from Dreamteck. The pack includes a handful of tools for splines creation and editing, mesh generation, particle control, and more.

What’s inside:

  • Editor and Runtime spline creation
  • Hermite, Bezier, B-Spline and Linear splines
  • Follow with constant speed
  • Mesh generation
  • Object and particle control
  • Spline projection
  • Mobile friendly
  • Procedural primitives and preset saving
  • Junctions
  • Import & Export functionality
  • Morph states
  • Multithreading
  • Easily expandable functionality
  • Extensive API documentation and User manual.

World Composer

Get a took that allows you to extract height map data and satellite images from the real world. It works with Bing maps and can create terrains as well ass as use exported height maps.

Some details:

  • Multi-terrain tile support.
  • Elevation Heightmaps resolution of max 10 meters per pixel.
  • Satellite images resolution of max 0.25 meter per pixel. Jpg/png/raw format supported.
  • Content-aware fill to remove shadows (for Day&Night Cycles), water, snow, etc. from combined raw images.
  • Create huge multi-resolution terrains with different layers of detail. * Combine raw images to 1 big raw image. E.g. for editing in Photoshop.
  • Split-combined raw file into tiled images.
  • Create terrains directly from exported areas with a click of a button.
  • 3 different satellite images types, Aerial, Aerial with labels, and roads.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Convert ArcInfo ASCII heightmaps to 16-bit raw greyscale heightmaps.
  • Create unlimited regions and areas and export any heightmap size or amount of image tiles.
  • WorldComposer and Unity stay interactive while exporting.
  • Works with RTPv3 and Horizon[On] (Optional).

Digger - Terrain Caves & Overhangs

Create natural caves and overhands directly in the Unity editor with the Digger tool.

Key features:

  • Easy to set up
  • Dig/add mater on terrain
  • Paint textures on cave meshes
  • Automatic collision solver
  • Automatic LOD groups creation
  • Multi-terrains support
  • With Unity 2019.3 or above: full NavMesh support
  • Compatible with Gaia
  • Only with Digger PRO: dig in real-time, at runtime.
  • Only with Digger PRO: update NavMesh at runtime.

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