Using GPT-4 to Control Lights in Unreal Engine 5

The TREE Industries team has showcased a neat editor utility for UE5 that enables them to set up lighting using text prompts.

TREE Industries, a tech development company that specializes in building AI/ML-powered products and solutions, has recently shared a series of demos showcasing one more practical gamedev application for OpenAI's recently-unveiled multimodal model GPT-4.

With these demos, the company showed how one can use the model in question to quickly and easily set up lighting in Unreal Engine 5 using text prompts and UnrealGPT, the team's all-in-one editor utility, made with the assistance from GPT-4, that "acts as NLP, intent parser, data builder, and entity extractor". According to the showcases provided by TREE Industries, the utility allows them to spawn and space Unreal's lights, move them, assign colors to each light, and more.

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