Video: Channel Packing UE4 Tutorial
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uh.. you happy with the crunch number ?

Why not just license it? Let it live and make done money at the same time.

Maybe hire more people instead of making employees work 100 hr weeks? Thats insane.

Video: Channel Packing UE4 Tutorial
27 April, 2017
Nick Reynolds uploaded another quick tutorial. This time the topic of the video is ‘channel packing’. Neat optimization technique for video games.

It’s not a super exciting topic, but it’s great for saving texture memory and never run out of texture memory. It’s a very important technique for bigger productions, where you actually need to make sure that everything works properly. As always you can grab the necessary materials over here.

Nick actually has a whole series of tips. He releases a new video every Tuesday, addressing some particular issue in the 3d workflow and providing his solution. The videos are very varied, covering a bunch of topics: from PBR to photoscans and scattering. We’ve worked with Nick to present some of his tutorials as videos on You will be able to download all related files (including the videos) over at his Gumroad. It’s completely free.

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