Video: Environment Art of Naughty Dog at Gnomon
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Having side projects are important in progressing as an artist.

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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

Video: Environment Art of Naughty Dog at Gnomon
20 January, 2017
Yesterday Gnomon held a fantastic event “Uncharted 4 Environment Art: An Evening with Naughty Dog“. It was running for almost 3 hours, with talks by a lot of great artists, including David Baldwin (Environment Artist), Brian Beppu (Texture/Shader Artist), Heather Cerlan (Texture/Shader Artist), Todd Foster (Environment Artist), Jeremy Huxley (Environment/Shader Artist), Jonathan Schmidt (Texture/Shader Artist), Reuben Shah (Environment Artist) and Anthony Vaccaro (Environment Artist – here’s our interview with Anthony). These amazing guys covered most of the ground on environment production, starting with concepts and ending with the way environments support gameplay.


If you’re wondering they’ve covered Madagascar production and the creation of the ship environment as well, this is your lucky day. A lot of time was devoted to the readability of the environments, pre-production work and the whole way various artists and designers collaborate on huge projects like Uncharted 4. Here are the videos for your enjoyment!

 Part 1: Pre-Production Work

Part 2: Madagascar – Fancy Production Work

Part 3: Supporting Gameplay Through Readability

Huge thanks to Andrew Maximov (Naughty Dog) and Lynette Clee (Gnomon) for helping to arrange this outstanding evening!

We’ll provide some shorter descriptions of each talk at a later time. Meanwhile, you can enjoy some of the amazing interviews we’ve had with the artists from Naughty Dog right here at


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Very insightful, thanks for posting them