Weapon Art Tutorials from Travis Davids

Grab Travis Davids's separate tutorials or combo packs for The Last of Us Flamethrower and Pistol production using Fusion 360, Keyshot, and Photoshop. 

The Last of Us Flamethrower Tutorial

Check out a 2-part tutorial on The Last of Us flamethrower production. The first part covers up an object creation process in Fusion 360 and includes a real-time voice narration. The second part focuses on texturing and post work in Keyshot and Photoshop and comes with narration, too. Both parts are oriented on artists with intermediate skill level, however, beginners can also take it as a challenge.

If you want to get the whole tutorial with all steps together, then grab a full tutorial with a discount. The technical and skill requirements are the same.

Fusion for Concept Design - Pistol Design Tutorial

In this pack, you will get an entire production process of a pistol using Fusion 360. Besides doing the breakdown, Travis also discusses various production-related topics, including the importance of research and studying the pistol structure. The tutorial requires an intermediate skill level.

Pistol and Flamethrower Combo Pack

If you want to dive into the weapon art creation process and pick up some tricks, tips, and work on new skills thoroughly, then there is a good option for you to grab a combo pack with full tutorials for pistol and flamethrower production. The pack includes over 5 hours of the recorded process with real-time voice narration. The technical and skill requirements are the same as for separate packs.

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