Webinar: Next Level Environment Art in UE4 with Clinton Crumpler

Dive into the creative process of modular assets for games with Art Director and Principal Environment Artist Clinton Crumpler.

Clinton Crumpler is the founder, studio head and creative director of Dekogon Studios, an artist collaborative art OS studio. He has worked as a senior look development artist at Microsoft Studios: The Coalition BC in the Gears of War dev team. His career path includes experiences in such big studios as  Bethesda Game Studios Austin, KIXEYE, Army Game Studio. Now, Clinton is more dedicated to art direction, environment art, shaders, and visual development.

During our webinar with CG Society, Clinton will share how you can level up your workflow as an environmental artist.  He will showcase former students’ works from the class whose career has gone up after the completion of it. Here are some topics that he will focus on:

  • Establishing Visual Storytelling and using Reference
  • Understanding Professional Modular Workflows
  • Trim texture usage
  • Shaders in Unreal
  • And much more!

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