Wetlands UE4: Serene Beauty in $100 Pack
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by Frank
6 hours ago

Is there any way i can tweak the colors dynamically through another blueprint? I tried with the "get all actors of class" function and setting the colors of the clouds by a timeline, everything else connected to the timeline does its thing but the volumetric clouds wouldn't change. Are the properties somehow fix?

by Ronnie Ochero
9 hours ago

Hi, what version of blender does this work with?

by anonymous
14 hours ago

Yeah this is good but it doenst capture the 2d look it still looks 3d. How about copying the movement of 2d animation because this looks way too smooth. 1 example is using the classic by twos which most studios do or also use 24 fps to really capture the 2d feel

Wetlands UE4: Serene Beauty in $100 Pack
1 October, 2018
Environment Art

Willi Hammes from MAWI United showed how games are going to look like in the upcoming years.

MAWI United is a company, which specializes in the production of very realistic 3d assets. You’ve probably seen their Redwood Forest Pack in action. It looks astonishing. Most recently they’ve launched a new product called Wetland Landscape, which you can purchase on Artstation for about $100. Here’s how this content looks.

What you get with Wetlands is a 400 square kilometer landscape with tons of details: rocks, plants, grass. You also get an automated landscape layer system with 4 paintable layers. There’s also a procedural cloud shader with ground shadows, a scriptable wind system,  highres ground textures and automated layer detailing.

There’s a lot of content. And it’s all pretty modular and highly tweakable. You can easily customize it and extend it any way you want. The things works with UE4, but if you stumble upon some issues, ask questions in MAWI’s Discord channel.


  • 400 square kilometer playable area
  • 3600 square kilometer vista area
  • 4 paintable automated ground layers
  • Highly detailed ground textures
  • (5) Rock, (56) Plant assets for detailing
  • Procedural water material
  • Procedural cloud material with ground shadows
  • Scriptable wind system
  • Procedural ground rock and plant cover
  • All modular and easily to tweak & customize


  • Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
  • Texture Size: the majority of assets use 4096×4096 base color, normal and utility textures
  • Collision: Yes (automatically generated)
  • Vertex Count: ~4000/1000/500 (rocks), ~7000-50 (plants)
  • LODs: 1-3 Levels of LOD
  • Number of Meshes: 76
  • Number of Materials and Material Instances: 81
  • Number of Textures: 62
  • Engine Compatibility: 4.20.x
  • Intended Platform: HighEnd PC
  • Platforms Tested: PC + Oculus / Vive
  • Documentation Included: Online Documentation

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2 Comments on "Wetlands UE4: Serene Beauty in $100 Pack"

Delip Huges
Delip Huges

Unreal directional lighting is great but Unreal needs urgently improve water rendering core system.


I’ve Just buyed it. How can I use it? There are 4 files LSC-Wetland-vN-zip.00N Have I to import them as .uasset? Or should I put’em in binaries folder?

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