ZBrush Character Sculpting from 2D Concept
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ZBrush Character Sculpting from 2D Concept
3 January, 2018
Character Art

Jesse Sandifer is working on a new massive tutorial, which will help you master ZBrush for character art.

Jesse has worked in the industry for over 17. He contributed to 150 characters over the years, helping companies like Blur Studio, Hasbro Toys, PCS Collectibles, Prime1 Studio, Axis Animation, Project Triforce, Fox, Warner Brothers, Zynga, Autodesk, Daz3D, Visual Creatures, ReelFX, NBA Dallas Mavericks, Ryan Kingslien’s ZBrush Workshops. Currently, he’s working as a Lead Character Artist at Respawn Entertainment.

In this new ZBrush character sculpting workshop, I’ll show you how to follow an approved concept and bring it to glorious 3D life!

“Concept” can be from your internal concept department at work or an external client who wants you to “make this”. The approach is pretty much the same and that’s what the heart of this workshop will be. (Our concept above is from the great Sean McNally! – Lucas Arts, Blur Studio, Blizzard, Whitemoon Dreams….and my sculpt on the right was to show a quick mockup)

This isn’t about “tracing”, it’s about visual analysis, and using techniques to translate what you see and give them true form.

This is just a preorder. You pay nothing until the author actually starts delivering videos. If the interest is not high enough, the author may cancel the project. Plus, signing up now for the one-time payment of $59 gives you a huge discount off what will eventually be around $100+ for those who join after pre-order.

The tutorial should be really big, covering the basics and some more in-depth stuff like working on skin and pose.

Source: gumroad.com

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